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I grew up in Emek Haela, at the foot of the Judean Hills, in a place abounding in nature. I love to explore the natural world, its changing shades of green, desert yellow and the sea. I love to create and restore, search and find treasures in nature.

In my work I specialize in the potter’s wheel; I am addicted to its circular movement, surprised and amazed at the multiplicity of the forming shapes, the ever-changing clay, its elasticity, speed and softness.

I love to combine color, life, and movement. The main part of my work is devoted to creating color by employing my own techniques and practices, based on the natural sources of oxides and raw minerals, as well as firing using unique methods adapted to gas, fire and electricity.

Order and chaos are part of my being. I am drawn to mastering knowledge, understanding the material, order as well as the unknown, that which cannot be controlled.

Reinforcing my passion for my work developed in a creative process, one foot placed within the boundaries of the familiar, while the other is forever seeking a place to rest my step.

I love breathing and smelling clay. For me it is like lying in a damp cave and breathing and thinking about life. In an age when everything is readymade and moves quickly, working in clay re-balances time and the essence of my life in this world.

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